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Morgan was always singing, dancing, and acting around the house since she was
three years of age and was in many community theater plays since she was five. She would dress up, make up songs, and pretend she was a famous movie star. Her one dream was always to be in a Broadway production. She dreamed that she would be famous one day. Morgan would constantly ask her mother if she could be a professional actress. Knowing how talented Morgan was, her mother, Pam, thought that since there were so many children wanting to do the same thing Morgan did, there was no chance. One day Morgan sang for her Aunt and when she was finished her aunt was in tears. She insisted to call an agent right away. She soon had an audition with the agents that week. Morgan was very excited, but her mother didnít think that anything big would really happen. Morgan saw the agents and they loved her. They soon submitted her for an audition for the Broadway production of The Sound Of Music. Morgan and Pam were so excited and couldnít believe it. Morgan went on the audition and got the job at the age of only nine years old. She got the part of the understudy for Marta and Gretl. She performed both parts over twenty times and did a fantastic job in every one them. Morganís family was very proud of her. After her Broadway debut, Morgan was in some commercials, voice-overs, more community theater shows, and some television shows such as the
Rosie OíDonnell show on ABC and TV funhouse on Comedy Central. Morgan, not at age twelve continues to work profesionally now, and loves it. She canít wait to get her next job and to be on Broadway again!!