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Being in The Sound Of Music on Broadway was definitely the best experience Iíve ever had. Just to be on the Broadway stage made me feel wonderful. I had made so many friends and learned so many things. I loved to be part of the cast and just a part of the whole show in general! I think the best thing about being in a Broadway Production is being on the stage and doing what I love to do, act and sing. I made so many friends that I still keep in touch with and see at auditions today! I think The Sound Of Music was the biggest job I ever got, and my favorite. Just because it lasted so long, and because I learned so much, it felt the best, and I made so many good friends. I just canít wait until I book another Broadway show, and I hope itís soon because being on Broadway is the best thing I ever did and I would love to do it again. Itís very exciting to have fans and to have a great website like this! It feels great to have people look up to me. I feel very special. I feel as if I accomplished so much when I was in the Broadway production at the age of nine! I reached my goal at a very young age and just that feels good right there. To all the people who audition and are in the ďbizĒ, my advice is to just feel it. Not because you want to impress someone or please anyone, or look good. Do it for yourself because you like it and all you have to do is feel it and enjoy it. Good luck!!

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