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**There have been some problems with fans not being able to hear the sounds after the wav has been downloaded.To help resolve this problem, the best thing to do is Download WINAMP

New Sound!!

Morgan singing "In My Own Little Corner"

**The Sound of Music**
Morgan singing w/ SOM Kids
Morgan singing DoReMi during rehearsal
Morgan singing Favorite Things during rehearsal
Morgan singing The Sound of Music
Morgan singing So Long Farewell
Morgan as Marta during So Long Farewell
Morgan singing My Favorite Things (Reprise)
"This Little Light of Mine" sung by SOM Kids and Nuns

I Spy CdRom Voiceover
I Gotta Crow from Peter Pan
Morgan on Zippy and Me
Morgan on Comedy Central
Morgan singing Imagine from the show, SENSATION
Morgan and cast singing from Sensation
Morgan and Jon Fiore
Singing from Sensation # 2
Morgan and Chorus in Sensation
Morgan singing the finale from Sensation

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